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30th Western Manufacturing Expo and Eurasian Industrial Expo ended

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On August 14th, the 4-day 30th China West International Equipment Manufacturing Expo and Eurasia International Industrial Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Western Manufacturing Expo and Eurasian Industrial Expo") held at the Airport New City Xi'an Airport Convention and Exhibition Center ended successfully. And it's our honor to take part in the exposition this time.

With the theme of "Practicing the 'Dual Cycle' Strategy and Promoting the Integrated Development of Industries", the Western Manufacturing Expo and the Eurasian Industrial Expo focuses on the construction of Qin Chuangyuan to create a comprehensive event integrating academic, industrial and application of equipment manufacturing industry. It attracted nearly 1,000 enterprises from dozens of provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, etc. And about 55,000 visitors came to participate in the exhibition, and the total amount of on-site contracts reached 72.62 million yuan.Western Manufacturing Expo and Eurasian Industrial Expo -Julong

"It's very shocking! There are a large number of enterprises that are at the forefront of intelligence. Through communicating with them, I learned about new technologies, new products and new management ideas, and also developed my management thinking, allowing me to The things learned at the manufacturing fair are applied to their own business management." Liu Wei, the person in charge of the enterprise from Xianyang, Shaanxi, said that he gained a lot from this exhibition. "Our company is planning to open a new factory to By investing in automation equipment and automation management software, the Expo has built an efficient, comprehensive and reliable information communication and transaction platform for us and production enterprises, allowing us to gain a lot of effective information and products."

There are a total of 3 exhibition halls and 1786 booths on the site of this year's manufacturing expo. The exhibits include intelligent manufacturing, industrial robots, industrial automation and instrumentation, metal cutting machine tools, tools and machine tool functional components, aerospace, logistics technology and transportation. Systems, smart transportation and road transportation technology and other fields, from raw materials to parts, from overall solutions to personalized customization. A series of new technologies and products have appeared in an endless stream, which is eye-opening.

"Our product integrates low carbon, technology and green, and adopts positive pressure fresh air system, HEAPA H13 filter, high-efficiency activated carbon filter and ultraviolet sterilization triple-effective sterilization, and the sterilization rate reaches 99.9%, which is the first in the country. A photovoltaic nucleic acid sampling booth that integrates straight-flex technology." Wang Zhiying, general manager of Shanxi Huarui Sheet Metal Co., Ltd., introduced. "This is also the first time for our company to participate in the manufacturing expo. During the exhibition, the company successfully signed a lot of cooperation and intended customers, and the corporate image and product image have been further improved, expanding its influence in the industry."

Enterprises in the new airport area are also actively participating in the exhibition. "This time we brought A320 flight simulator, B737 exit simulator, A320 exit simulator, octagonal life raft, emergency evacuation slides and various emergency equipment to the exhibition", Northwest Airlines Training Co., Ltd. Zhang Xiaoxing, general manager of the company, said that this is the first time the company has participated in an industry exhibition, and the equipment on display has aroused the interest and attention of many professional customers on site. Strength and future intelligent layout. "In the future, we will establish in-depth communication with customers, bring our good technology and good products to the market, and build a corporate brand."

The four-day exhibition provided sufficient space for enterprises to display and negotiate, and created considerable profits. According to statistics, 328 companies have made transactions in this exhibition, with 1,146 intentional customers and an intentional turnover of about 843 million yuan.

"It was the first time to hold a large-scale exhibition in Airport New City, and it gave us unexpected surprises! Compared with the past, the biggest feeling this exhibition brought us was 'convenience'." The organizer of the exhibition, Xi'an Sanlian Airport International Exhibition Group Chairman and President Wei Junshui said that the good location and traffic conditions of Airport New City not only facilitates the transportation of exhibition equipment and large-scale goods, but also provides great convenience for exhibitors and exhibitors. "We will continue to hold exhibitions at the airport in the future, and join hands with the airport to help the development of the airport convention and exhibition industry."

The successful holding of the exhibition is also inseparable from various fine service guarantees. "This exhibition is the first large-scale exhibition event that our Xi'an Airport Convention and Exhibition Center has put into use since its opening. As a venue, we actively cooperate with Airport New City to make various guarantees in advance to ensure the smooth progress of the exhibition." Xi'an Airport Convention and Exhibition Xing Hongbin, general manager of the center, said. During the exhibition, Konggang New City and Xi'an Linkong Convention and Exhibition Center stepped up security measures from public security, transportation, fire protection, medical treatment, emergency response and other aspects respectively, creating a good environment for the successful holding of the exhibition.

In addition, many central, provincial and municipal mainstream media, such as Xinhua News Agency, China Central Broadcasting Network, China Network, Xi'an TV, Sanqin Metropolis Daily, and Huashang Daily, have reported on the grand occasion and hot popularity of the exhibition.

The airport convention and exhibition has great potential. In the future, Konggang New City will focus on playing the two cards of airport and convention and exhibition, and actively cultivate new conventions and exhibitions with airport characteristics under the pattern of "dual circulation", which will add strong impetus to the construction of Xi'an as a national central city and a famous international convention and exhibition city.

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