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(PCA) Pre-Conditioned Air Hose Joint TJ793

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Investing in a PCA system for your airport will increase your revenue, reduce your environmental impact and attract airlines by reducing your own costs

Whether on warm or sunny days or in cold ambient conditions, air conditioning must be used during transfers or the cabin can quickly become uncomfortable.To achieve this, when there is no suitable facility on the ground, the aircraft will use its onboard APU (Auxiliary Power Unit), a jet turbine powered by the aircraft's main fuel tank, primarily for flight, as in the case of the main engine down failed.Using APUs on the ground is a last resort solution, not economical for airlines and bad for the environment, as the overall energy efficiency of this jet engine is only 4%! At the same time, it emits a lot of air pollutants.These include carbon dioxide, which contributes to the greenhouse effect in Earth's atmosphere, as well as nitrogen oxides and small particulate matter that directly affect our daily lives.Running APUs on the ground is very expensive for airlines; for example, a narrow-body aircraft consumes about 100kg of jet fuel per hour, to which the maintenance cost of the APU must be added. Ground Preconditioned Air (PCA) systems offer an attractive alternative.The PCA unit is grid powered and will significantly reduce on-site emissions and noise pollution.As a rule of thumb, an APU produces over 100 tons of CO2 a year, assuming a narrow-body aircraft operates for one hour per day. 

(PCA) Pre Conditioned Air Hose Joint TJ793

Advantages of Air Hose Quick Couplings

Upgraded TJ793 A/C hose fittings include TJ793,TJ793L and TJ793W. The TJ793 type hose joint is an optimized design of the original TJ793 type joint, which solves the shortcomings of the original joint wrench shaft nut falling off, air leakage on the shaft, the joint sealing ring easily falling off, and the hardness is inconsistent.The overall size and shape of the TJ793 air conditioner hose connector remain unchanged after the upgrade,and the original model is still used.The model of the extension combination hose joint is TJ793L,and the model of the elbow combination joint is TJ793W.

The upgraded TJ793 hose fitting has been innovatively designed and improved in the following aspects:

Inlaid O-ring

The sealing ring of the connector is embedded in the installation groove,which effectively solves the problem that the sealing ring and the flange of the plastic drum are not firmly combined and fall off easily.

Embedded shaft nut

The handle shaft nut is embedded in the wall of the connector, which not only fundamentally solves the problem of loosening and falling off of the shaft screw of the through-bolt, but also the wall surface of the connector is smooth and the sealing effect is better.

High performance features

Innovatively engineered linear welded construction and flexible design combine to provide highly reliable and efficient transport of pre-conditioned air - even in the harshest weather conditions on the busiest,most demanding ramps.

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