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Briefing of Hose connector

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A hose coupling is a connector at the end of a hose that is used to connect (or couple) it to another hose or to a faucet or hose fitting, such as an irrigation sprinkler. It is usually made of steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminum or plastic.Due to the wide variety of designs and the many countries in which they were created, it can be difficult to trace the origin of many of them. Patents covering designs similar to the following include:

Threaded Coupler Type

Garden hose threads.

See Garden Hose Threads,plastic snap-in connectors.

Glomerular filtration rate.

NF E 29-579 Fiberglass.

Ground joints: Hose coupling

A "boss" ground joint valve hose coupling primarily used for compressed air or steam.It consists of a valve stem, a wing nut and a positioning pin.It seals the soft copper seat in the post against the stem by tightening the wing nut.


Rubber Hose Assemblies for Oil Pumping and Discharging Services' and are commonly known as Dock Hoses.These are internally swaged hose fittings commonly found on large diameter fuel hoses used in high pressure applications or where the hose is exposed to high end pull such as oil suction and discharge (OS&D) hoses.They are fitted with special hydraulic cylinder machinery and special dies.Holedall IX Internal Expansion (Internal Swage) Hose Couplings are used in high pressure applications,or where the hose is exposed to higher end pull, or where full flow is required.They are fitted with special hydraulic tie-rod mechanisms using special pull plugs.

Ammonia nitrogen:

National Hose Thread (NH), also known as National Standard Thread (NST).It is the most commonly used type of fire hose coupling in the United States.Male and female straight (non-tapered) threads are screwed together and the joint is sealed with a gasket.Before 1873, the first nipple type of lug swivel for fire hoses was manufactured in the United States:


UNI fire fittings are used in Italy and are available in several sizes including UNI 25, UNI 45 and UNI 70.Non-Threaded Gender Coupler Type.


A cam lock, also known as a cam and groove, is a quick-connect fluid transfer hose fitting consisting of a male "adapter" and a female "coupler".The adapter has a groove on the outside that engages the "cam arm" on the outside of the coupler to provide a seal against the gasket inside the "coupler".They are commonly used in petroleum or chemical applications.

Perot universal coupling

Similar in appearance to Bauer couplings, but not compatible.Used in agriculture, irrigation, cleaning and construction industries, but most commonly used in water, mortar, asphalt and bulk products.

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