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Flexible tanks and fuel bladder

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Flexi tanks are devices used to store liquids such as water or oil.Flexible storage tanks offer many advantages over steel storage tanks,including being lighter in weight,rust-resistant,collapsible,and quicker and easier to install.An empty flex tank may weigh only 10% of a steel tank at the same capacity.Disadvantages of flexible tanks include lower durability and shorter lifespan.Some flexible tanks can be used as shipping containers on trucks,ships,or planes,and some are suitable for airdrops,helicopter swings,or water transport.Flexible tanks can be made of high-strength polyester fabric,double-sided coated with elastomers or plastics (PU, PVC, nitrile).

Store water Flexible Tank-julonghose

The water industry started using flexible membranes in the 1950s.Advantages over rigid storage systems include lower cost,less algae growth,less groundwater contamination,and less evaporation and seepage.Disadvantages include a shorter life expectancy,greater susceptibility to damage,and more frequent maintenance requirements.Due to the structural limitations of flexible tanks,they tend to have a maximum recommended storage capacity.

Tank containers

Flexi-bags are an alternative to ISO tank containers for transporting oil,juice,wine,food-grade liquids and non-hazardous chemicals worldwide.Stretch bags are typically packed into 20ft food grade ISO containers for sea or rail transport.Capacity varies from 16,000 to 26,000 liters.For shipment the material used to produce the flexible bag must meet US FDA, EU Food Grade or German BAG standards.The idea is to isolate the liquid being transported from the surrounding air to avoid oxidation.They can also be used to transfer various other liquids such as base oils.Depending on the product,many ISO tank container operators argue that flexible bags can be more costly and have a lower environmental impact.This is generally true for higher value products and/or environmentally hazardous products,as elastic bags offer less transport protection and the level of product left in elastic bags (2 to 5%) is higher than in tank containers remaining amount.

Fuel bladder

The fuel bladder,the fuel storage bladder is a flexi-bag that acts as a fuel container.They are collapsible flexible storage bladders (also known as tanks) that provide transportation and storage (temporary or long-term) for bulk industrial liquids such as fuel.Standard bladder capacities range from 100 US gallons (380 L) to 200,000 US gallons (760,000 L) and beyond.Custom fuel storage bladders and batteries may be used,but there is an increased risk of fuel leaks above 50,000 US gallons (190,000 liters).To minimize the risk of leaks,and to contain catastrophic leaks,all fuel bladders should be housed in secondary containment (dikes).Using fuel bladders without taking precautions is risky and should not be done.EPA has established clear guidelines for the use of secondary containment in relation to fuel bladders and fines for releasing fuel into the environment.

Flexible  bulk container

A Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC),Jumbo,Bulk Bag,Super Bag, Big Bag or Big Bag is an industrial container made of flexible fabric designed to store and transport dry,free flowing products such as sand,fertilizers and plastic particles.FIBCs are usually made of thick oriented polypropylene braided wire coated or uncoated,usually about 45-48 inches (114-122 cm) in diameter and from 100 to 200 cm (39 to 79 inches) in height ).Its capacity is usually around 1,000 kilograms or 2,200 pounds,but larger units can store much more.A FIBC designed to transport one metric ton (0.98 long tons; 1.1 short tons) of material itself weighs only 5-7 pounds (2.3-3.2 kg).Transport and loading is done on pallets or by lifting it out of the loop. Bags are made with one,two or four handles. Single loop bags are suitable for one person operation as there is no need for a second person to place the loop on the loader hitch. Empty easily through special openings in the bottom (e.g. drain), available in various options, or simply cut it open.

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