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How to keep the aircraft air clean during the epidemic?

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As a high-altitude transportation vehicle, the aircraft has strict requirements on airtightness. And many passengers also think that the plane is a confined space, and may not pay attention to the air circulation and filtration system of the cabin before experiencing the new crown epidemic. In this regard, airlines say that the air in the cabin is actually cleaner than that of restaurants, shops, schools and even some hospitals in daily life.

It is understood that both the air outside the cabin and the air in the room are air purified by the HEPA filtration system, which is circulated every two to three minutes. First, the air outside the cabin is drawn into the cabin through the engine, and then the air in the cabin will pass through the HEPA filtration system to remove up to 99.97% of bacteria and virus particles in the air. HEPA filtration technology (High Efficiency Particulate air Filter) uses polymer materials to form structures similar to "spider webs" in the picture below, preventing dust particles from passing through.pre air conditioning for sale -Julong

The fresh air from outside the cabin is then mixed with the HEPA-filtered gas before entering the cabin, where the cabin air is continuously circulated through the ceiling and floor vents. To ensure the safety of passengers on the flight, the top-to-bottom air circulation system in the cabin will minimize the spread of harmful particles between seats.

In addition, this cycle occurs continuously, replacing the air in the cabin every two or three minutes. According to Boeing, this downward flow of air from the ceiling to the ground and frequent air exchanges can help reduce the flow of air between the front and rear cabins and reduce the spread of harmful pollutants from the human body, such as sneezing or coughing. Behavior.

And during the epidemic, the airline will adjust the air flow of the HEPA filter system on the flight to the maximum throughout the boarding and de-boarding process to help further reduce the risk of the spread of the new coronavirus. Because the air circulation and filtration system on the plane can minimize the spread of the virus.

While air filtration is important, self-protection is also essential. Therefore, please wear a mask on the way to the plane. Wearing a mask correctly can prevent the particulate matter in the wearer's respiratory system from entering the air and infecting others.

However, it can be dangerous for passengers to be on the same plane as a sick person, especially sitting in the same row or two rows ahead. According to the regulations of the World Health Organization, when flying, the first three rows and the last three rows are close contacts. For other passengers, the risk is not significant because the cabin air circulates across the cross-section and the spread of droplets is limited to a few rows of seats.

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