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New air conditioning hose composition and advantages

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The aircraft air conditioning air supply pipe is a pipe used to connect the ground air conditioning and the air conditioning air supply outlet of the aircraft. When the traditional air-conditioning air supply pipe is transported from the warehouse to the airport, it is very inconvenient to fold and store the air supply pipe, and it takes up a lot of space. It needs to be tidy up and used smoothly when in use, so it is very troublesome to use.

At the same time, the traditional air-conditioning air duct also lacks a certain deodorization function, which makes the air entering the aircraft very unpleasant at the beginning. Therefore, it is urgent to improve the structural design of an aircraft air-conditioning air duct.

The composition of the air supply duct of the new aircraft air conditioner

The new aircraft air-conditioning air supply duct includes a tubular air supply duct body. The air supply pipe body is composed of an inner rubber cloth layer, a fiber insulation layer and an outer rubber cloth layer from the inside to the outside. The inner and outer tape layers are made of synthetic polyester material that is resistant to sunlight exposure, ozone aging resistance, heat resistance, rain resistance, water resistance and flame retardant.air hoses supplier -Julong

One end of the air supply pipe body is provided with a zipper part and a velcro part for sealing, and the other end is provided with a sub-zipper part and a sub-velcro part for sealing which cooperate with the inner zipper part and the velcro part. The ventilation pipe body is composed of several folded units evenly arranged along the axial diameter direction. The folding unit is provided with a folding component that can be folded inward and outward in the direction of the pipe diameter, and the folding component is embedded and fixed between the fiber insulation layer and the outer rubber cloth layer.

The folding assembly includes a female folding member and a female folding member. A wire ring is hinged between the inner concave folding member and the outer concave folding member and on both sides. The traveler is evenly hinged with several concave folding members or outer concave folding members along the circumferential direction.

The concave folding member includes a concave hinge block and two inner folded steel wire rods hinged at both ends of the concave hinge block. The other end of the inner folding wire rod is hinged on the wire ring, the outer concave folding member includes an outer concave hinge block and two outer folding wire rods hinged on both ends of the outer concave hinge block, and the other end of the outer folding wire rod is hinged on the wire ring.

Advantages of the new full bore flexible hose

The body of the new air supply duct is composed of a folding unit, and the folding unit provided by the folding unit can conveniently fold the air supply duct body outwardly and inwardly, and the folding is very convenient. After being folded, it takes up little space and is convenient for transportation, and it is also very flexible when folded and unfolded, which is convenient to use. In addition, an activated carbon filter layer is arranged on the inner surface of the air supply pipe body, which can purify the conveyed air and reduce the peculiar smell in the air.

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