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Pre-Conditioned Air Hose Coupling TJ793L Advantages

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What is an air conditioner?

PCA (Preconditioned Air) systems are used to introduce fresh conditioned air into the aircraft cabin when the aircraft is parked at the gate or at a maintenance location.The air is filtered, heated or cooled, and moisture removed before being sent to the aircraft.PCA (Preconditioned Air) systems are used to introduce fresh conditioned air into the aircraft cabin when the aircraft is parked at the gate or at a maintenance location.The air is filtered,heated or cooled,and moisture removed before being sent to the aircraft.Once the conditioned air enters the aircraft coupler at the end of the PCA hose,it is distributed into the cabin through the ductwork of the aircraft cabin.Among other things, the purpose of this article is to explain the purpose of PCA units and some of the challenges that airports,maintenance contractors and airlines face in their ability to maintain comfortable cabin conditions.Another purpose of this paper is to stimulate an ongoing dialogue on the careful design and use of PCA devices and systems. It is instructive for end users,airport designers, and PCA equipment manufacturers to discuss what has been observed in real-world PCA applications.This can better help PCA professionals assist airports and airlines in creating more comfortable cabins. Adverse conditions that occur in the field sometimes go unnoticed during controlled laboratory testing at the factory. Manufacturers may overlook possible end-user problems. (PCA) Pre Conditioned Air Hose Coupling TJ793L

Advantages of Air Hose Quick Connect

TJ793L type hose joint is an optimized design of the original TJ793 type joint,which solves the shortcomings of the original joint wrench shaft nut falling off and shaft air leakage, joint sealing ring easily falling off, inconsistent hardness, etc.

Inlaid O-ring

The sealing ring of the connector is embedded in the installation groove,which effectively solves the problem that the sealing ring and the flange of the plastic drum are not firmly combined and fall off easily.

Embedded shaft nut

The handle shaft nut is embedded in the connector wall, which not only fundamentally solves the problem of loosening and falling off of the penetrating bolt shaft screw, but also the connector wall is smooth and the sealing effect is better.

Commercial and PCA Airflow

Commercial Air Conditioning - If we calculate the airflow for a standard 60 ton commercial rooftop air conditioner at 400 CFM per ton (cubic feet per minute), the total airflow required is 24,000 CFM.60 X 400 = 24,000. There is more; however, this is abridged to understand this. 24,000 CFM,standard design friction and velocity) may require the engineer to specify a pipe approximately 60 inches in diameter or its rectangular equivalent.Dimensions are approximate for example purposes.PCA - Note that the aircraft manufacturer has selected pipe sizes and external connection points on their aircraft.They also specify flow ratings and static pressure requirements for their respective modelsDue to the size of the distribution duct,the PCA is designed to deliver air at a specified air volume and static pressure.The PCA exhausts conditioned air through a 14" diameter hose with an 8" diameter aircraft coupler at the end.This is much smaller than the commercial system duct size in the example in the previous paragraph.Remember that outside air density, humidity, temperature, etc.all play a role in controlling the conditions under which the rated volume of air is delivered to the cabin and exhausted.The control system of the PCA requires real-time command control logic changes to provide stable discharge conditions in a dynamically changing environment.

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