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Quick review of aircraft air conditioner & home air conditioner differences

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When the plane is flying at an altitude of 10,000 meters, the pressure of the surrounding environment is only one-fourth of the atmospheric pressure on the ground, and the temperature is as low as minus 50 degrees. In such a harsh external environment, passengers enjoy the same comfortable environment as the ground. This is the credit of the aircraft air conditioning.

Aircraft air conditioner and home air conditioner differences

1. Household air conditioners are designed to improve everyone's living comfort, and can realize our desire to "cover quilts in summer and eat ice cream in winter". It adopts the principle of evaporative cycle refrigeration. During refrigeration, the refrigeration compressor pushes the refrigerant to circulate in the system. When flowing through the evaporator, the refrigerant vaporizes and absorbs heat, and when flowing through the condenser, the refrigerant liquefies and releases heat, so as to achieve Heat transfer function from indoor to outdoor.aircraft hoses supply -JULONG

2. Aircraft air conditioner is an environmental control device in the aircraft, which plays the same role of air conditioning as household air conditioners. So why can't you just put your home air conditioner on the plane? This is because aircraft flight is a dynamic process, and processes such as climbing, descending, and cruising face severe tests of vibration, air pressure, and drastic changes in temperature.

Aircraft air conditioners must meet the requirements of pressurizing the aircraft cabin while ventilating and dissipating heat for passengers and equipment. Therefore, aircraft air conditioners must not only meet the comfort requirements of household air conditioners, but also shoulder the important mission of the safety of the life of the people on board and the safety of onboard equipment.

At present, aircraft air conditioners mainly use air circulation refrigeration technology. The aircraft air conditioning system includes subsystems such as bleed air regulation, refrigeration, air distribution, temperature control, and cabin pressure regulation. The refrigeration subsystem is mainly responsible for cooling the engine bleed air.

The high-temperature and high-pressure air from Shanghai Baidu is introduced from the engine, gradually cooled by a multi-stage heat exchanger in the circuit, and then expanded and cooled by a turbo cooler, and then water is removed by a water separator, thereby obtaining dry and cool air. The cabin air-conditioning controller adjusts the opening of the thermal bypass valve according to the set temperature, so as to control the mixing ratio of cold and hot air in the air supply pipeline to realize the temperature control function. In this way, we can feel the slightest coolness blowing from the air supply port of the cockpit.

At the same time, the pressure regulation subsystem can adjust the air pressure in the cabin, so that the cabin pressure and the pressure change rate can meet the physiological requirements of the human body, and the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the aircraft cabin can be kept within the safety requirements of the airframe structure.

There are all kinds of advanced electronic devices on modern airplanes. Hundreds of thousands of components are integrated on a small circuit board, and they generate a lot of heat when they work together.

The aircraft air conditioning system also functions to cool down the electronic equipment on the aircraft. With the increasing demand for electronic equipment in modern warfare, the installed power of electronic equipment in military aircraft has increased significantly. At this time, the air circulation refrigeration method is subject to the inability to increase the engine bleed air indefinitely and not to open too much on the aircraft skin. The heat dissipation port is to destroy the two major limitations of stealth performance. Therefore, on the basis of air circulation refrigeration, it is necessary to increase the form of evaporative circulation refrigeration and liquid cooling circulation to transfer the heat of high-power electronic equipment to fuel, thus realizing the realization of modern aircraft. comprehensive thermal management. The technology of aircraft air conditioning will continue to develop with the emergence of new demands such as space flight and hypersonic flight.

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