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(PCA)Diameter Adjustable Pre Conditioned Air Hose (Tapered Hose)

Specification: φ355×205-0.6MZ

Diameter of input: 355mm

Diameter of output: 205mm

Length: 0.65M

MPa: 10~15KPA

Structure: Inner adhesive layer; Insulation layer; Outer adhesive layer; Anti-wear rubber strip (Without Spiral steel wire)

Material: High strength PVC coated tape; Polyester fiber cotton, Copper coated steel wire for rubber hose


Materials and characteristics of air duct hose: 

Inner adhesive layer: Use special high-strength PVC tape or neoprene (green hose) tape, which has the characteristics of good air tightness, aging resistance, heat resistance, and cold resistance;

Insulation layer: Using polyester fiber, it has good heat preservation effect, heat resistance, cold resistance, rubbing resistance, no softening, agglomeration, and no powdering;

Outer adhesive layer: The use of high special-strength PVC tape has good anti-sun aging, anti-ozone aging, heat resistance, rain resistance, water resistance and other properties;

Anti-wear rubber strip: Made of  EPBM (ethylene propylene rubber) with excellent wear resistance, anti-wear and anti-aging.

Anti-leakage design: The inner rubber cloth tube adopts the hot pressing process, the joint part adopts the tape bonding technology, and the outer rubber cloth tube still adopts the stitching process, which not only gives the hose good sealing performance, but also ensures that the hose has the original anti-wear and anti-wear Aging performance.

Performance & Features of pca hose

1. Compared with other hose products, the inner tape layer of the hose we manufacture has a flat connection, a smooth inner surface, and low air flow resistance. Other hoses are made by sewing, forming a spiral connecting burr on the inner surface of the hose, which increases the conveying resistance when cold and hot air flows through;

2. The inner and outer tapes are all coated with nylon fabric with rubber material with excellent aging resistance. The heat resistance, cold resistance and flexibility of the hose are better than other similar products;

3. The special polyester fiber material is used as the insulation layer of the hose, which is light and soft, has good insulation effect, does not shrink and agglomerate at high temperatures, does not become hard or brittle at low temperatures, and does not produce powder; while other manufacturers use foamed plastic as the insulation layer, The heat preservation effect is poor. After a period of use, fragments and debris will be produced. If the inner layer is partially damaged, it will be blown into the aircraft;

4. The hose has a wide operating temperature range, high working reliability, and can be used normally under harsh environmental conditions.

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