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(PCA)Pre Conditioned Air Hose/Duct

Airport Bridge Air-conditioning Air Hoses

The ventilation hoses for aircraft ground air-conditioning equipment are independently researched and developed by Shaanxi Yuhua Yonghe Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd., and are a leading product with independent intellectual property rights. It has been widely used in more than 20 large airports such as Capital Airport, Pudong Airport and Xianyang Airport. In June 2012, the Spanish Crustibo Aviation Ground Equipment Service Company visited our company and signed the first batch of hose procurement contracts. Now it has become one of our company's main customers. After more than ten years of continuous improvement and perfection, the product structure, production technology, testing and testing of the ventilation hoses of aircraft ground air-conditioning equipment.

Ventilation hoses for aircraft ground air-conditioning equipment are divided into three categories: airport bridge air-conditioning air hoses, aircraft air-conditioning vehicle air hoses, and ground well air-conditioning air hoses.

Each set of air conditioning hoses for airport bridges is composed of three parts: a suspension section, a foldable coiling section and a variable diameter section. The total length of each set of hoses is about 25.5 meters, and each section is connected by zippers and buckles.

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