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(PCA) Pre Conditioned Air Hose Coupling TJ793W

Type: TJ793W

Air conditioning hose interface diameter (mm): 207

Weight (kg): 3.0±0.1


Universal air coupler specifications



Air conditioning hose interface diameter    (mm)


Weight    (kg)


Anti-fall test

The connector should fall freely to the concrete floor from a height of not less than 10 meters. The connector barrel and plastic parts are not allowed to be broken, chipped, scattered or any other abnormal phenomena.

Sealing test

Install the connector with the hose on the special test tool, and blow air to the connector through the hose. Under the wind pressure of 10000Pa, the connector is not allowed to have obvious air leakage.

Assembly and disassembly test

Install the connector on the special test fixture and remove it. Repeat 10 times. The connector should be assembled and disassembled smoothly, and there should be no jamming, difficult installation or removal, etc.

Advantages of air quick coupler

Unit design

The barrel body of the connector can be lengthened or changed to an angled type, and the lengthened section can be rotated to automatically adapt to the connection direction of the hose, which can effectively prevent the suffocation caused by the vertical bending of the hose. A filter can be installed at the extension connection to prevent foreign objects from entering the aircraft.

Anti-fall design 

The connector can fall freely to the concrete floor from a height of no less than 12 meters, the cylinder body is not broken, and the plastic parts are not damaged.

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Air coupling specifications

This product has applied for 2 utility model patents, of which 1 has been authorized and 1 has been accepted. Related information is as follows:

Patent name:Air-proof connector for ventilation hose of ground air-conditioning equipment of aircraft.

Patent numberZL 2020 2 1006644.9

Authorization time:2020.12.8

Patent name:Combined type aircraft ground air-conditioning hose connection device

Patent number:202120599124.1

Authorization time:2021.03.24

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