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Non-Threaded Genderless Coupler Type

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Many of these couplings are of the so-called "jaw" type.Some of the information below has been extracted from commercial product catalogs and specifications.

King of the Air

 Air Hose Couplings, also known as "Chicago Style" fittings, are malleable iron or brass "quarter turn" "sexless couplings" commonly used on large jackhammers such as pneumatic tools.This fitting is considered "universal" because a common binaural tip is used for all sizes from 0.25 to 1 inch (6 to 25 mm).

Barcelona: Coupler T

This coupling is used by Spanish firefighters and is defined by the Spanish standard UNE 23400.It is a sexless fitting with three engaging lugs and is available in several different sizes including Barcelona 25 (25 mm hose ID), Barcelona 45 (45 mm hose ID) and Barcelona 70 ( 70 mm hose ID).

For delivery (pressure) only, not for inhalation,digital signal processor.French hose fittings, compatible with Guillemin fittings, but for a different purpose. Conforms to NF S61-704 and NF S61-705. Available in the following sizes:

  • DSP ND 40 is only suitable for delivery (pressure), not for inhalation.

  • DSP ND 65 is only suitable for delivery (pressure), not for inhalation.

  • AR ND 100 is suitable for delivery (pressure) and suction.

European air coupling:

Defined by DIN 3238, DIN 3489 (combined with DIN 3481, 3482, 3483, 3484 and 3485) and DIN 11204 (with safety clip holes), these look similar to Express and Geka couplings, but have 42mm of space between them distance paws.

Quick coupling:

Visually very similar to GEKA couplings, but not compatible with them because of the 41 mm distance between the jaws of the Express coupling.These are defined by NF E 29-573. for water and air.

Forestry Couplings:

Wildfire firefighters to overcome snag and water loss problems associated with smaller diameter Storz fittings, which are now specified for use by Canadian,  The coupling design consists of CAN/ULC-S551-13 (25mm and 38mm forged couplers), CAN/ULC-S558-13 (25mm and 38mm non-forged mm forged couplers) and USFDA 5100-192 (U.S. Forest Service) for 19 mm, 25 mm, 38 mm and 64 mm hose sizes.

Geka steam hose connector:

This is a sexless quarter turn bayonet type hose fitting having a flat outer ring surrounding a domed middle section with a distance between the jaws of 40 mm. Sometimes called "quick quick release couplings" or "jaw couplings".This is based on the design of the Giersberg fire extinguisher coupling(the predecessor of the Storz coupling).The name GEKA is a combination of Giersberg and Callastor.These couplings are mainly used in gardening and irrigation, but New Zealand uses them for some wildland fire fighting.


Genderless fittings, also known as Bogdan fittings,used in Russia for fire hoses are available in various sizes including DN 25, DN 40, DN 50, DN 65, DN 70 , DN 80, DN 100, DN 125 and DN 150.

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